What Kind of Maintenance Can Extend the Life of Your Exterior Paint

What Kind of Maintenance Can Extend the Life of Your Exterior Paint

Information Offered by a True Exterior Painting Contractor

If you made a wise investment in having a quality exterior paint job, it make sense to take care of it. As a reputable painting contractor, we’ve put together a few guidelines that will help you protect your investment, as well as increase the aesthetic beauty of your property.

Regular Cleaning
Perhaps the best way to keep your home’s exterior paint looking great is to clean it on a regular basis. Most of the time, dirt and dust particles will build up on your home’s exterior, making it look dull and unattractive. However, it’s not uncommon for mold and mildew to appear, especially if the walls haven’t been cleaned in a while. Careful power washing of your home’s exterior walls will keep the paint looking bright and fresh, rather than dirty and dull. If you don’t have a power washer, you can rent one from your local painter. Most of them offer power washing along with painting services, so you can hire them for washing your home.

Since caulking can crack and dry with age, it’s recommended you keep an eye on it. Re-sealing your windows and doors with new caulk will improve your home’s energy efficiency. It also improves the overall appearance of your home. Complete caulking is not necessarily performed on a yearly basis, but regular inspections are certainly a must. You can hire a painting drywall contractor for the job, or you can very well do it yourself.

Touch Ups
Touch up painting is also a great way to extend the time between complete repainting projects. When a specific section of the trim or walls seems to be showing signs of damage or fading, it can be touched up locally. This will prolong the life of your paint job overall.

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