Sick of White Walls, Want Something Bold and Dramatic?

Sick of White Walls, Want Something Bold and Dramatic?

Things to Consider When Doing Residential Painting

So the old wall color is getting you down, and you’re itching to paint that room? What is there to consider when doing residential painting?

orange living room with fireplaceThe first thing to consider is obviously the paint. What color to choose? What type of finish to pick? Many places that sell paint have samples so you can have a color mixed and put it on the wall to see if you like it. This is important when determining the final color since a color does change slightly when put over old paint. Color can change as daylight changes within a room, so you have to watch the color in daylight hours and at night when the lights are switched on in a room.

A paint’s finish is important too. In past years, many people painted their rooms using a flat paint. This type of paint does not reflect the light and does not hold up to being washed. A more recent technology is eggshell finish. This has a slight sheen but is not that noticeable. It is also much easier to clean than its counterpart.

Semi-gloss paint comes with a sheen but is not that shiny. This paint washes well and is excellent for trims and walls where stains are frequent, like in kitchens. Glossy finish paint does come with a noticeable shine and will reflect the light. While way too shiny for most rooms, this paint works better in bathrooms, is good for trim and molding, and washes well.

Before your residential painting experts start to paint a room, they first need supplies. Such as drop cloths, to keep floors clean, paint trays, rollers, paintbrushes, and narrow and wide painter’s tape. Preparation sometimes takes as long as the actual painting job, but taping up the windows, sills, and light fixtures will pay dividends for a more professional looking result. The painter will want a paint remover, just in case of any accidents. Most stores selling paint will sell all the above supplies also.

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