Tips to Help You Choose the Right Colors for Your Interior Walls

Tips to Help You Choose the Right Colors for Your Interior Walls

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If you have never done any interior painting before and you wonder how to get started, you must know that selecting the color and type of paint you are going to use is the first thing you need to take care of. This is why, in this post, the team of painters JMM Contractor works with will list a few tips to assist you to make a wise choice.

A wall and paint bucketsConsider the type of paint first. Latex paint is suitable for rooms with high levels of moisture like your bathroom and toilet, for example. However, they are too glossy and look unwelcoming when applied to spacious open areas like your living or dining room. Chalkboard paint is an innovative type of paint which is also commonly used for painting accent walls in kitchen and study areas, or rooms created for kids to play in.

Make a short list of your favorite colors and decide whether they suit your furniture and the rest of the home design. Limit your choice to 3 to 4 colors. If you select more colors and make every single room look absolutely different, this will make your home look way too cluttered and you may not feel comfortable there.

Check what the latest trends are. If you want to create a home that are up to the current design trends, you’d better contact a painting & design specialist for a consultation. Accent walls and ceilings have been pretty popular over the last decade. What is different in 2014 is that dark or bright colors are used more commonly as people are not that afraid to experiment with them anymore.

Quality of paint. Before buying the paint you like, consult with your painter whether the brand you have chosen and the price you have prepared to pay are reasonable enough. A consultation with a knowledgeable painting contractor can be very useful to you if you want to make sure that the paint you intend to buy will have the quality and the durability you are looking for when you want long-lasting results and do not plan any home upgrades in the nearest future.

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