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Exceptional Painting Contractor!

With JMM Contractor, you can expect to receive the perfect drywall and painting service from contractors with skills, a keen eye, and a desire for perfection! If you live in and around the Syracuse, NY area and want to provide excellence for your home or commercial property – you know where to look and what to do! Read about our credentials and hire us as soon you have a free minute!

Our Services

Drywall Repairs

Drywall Repairs

Working with a drywall contractor from our company will serve you right - you will get professional work on all the drywall at your property, and the damage will be remedied with quality and haste! That's the first step to having a beautiful abode!
Residential Painting

Residential Painting

Make sure your home is up to your standards and holds the beauty and style you need it to hold. Buy all the right furniture, make sure every room is impeccably clean, and leave the color of the walls to us so it can be just as gorgeous as the rest of the place!
Commercial Painting

Commercial Painting

Just because it's the workplace doesn't mean it has to be dull and overly simplified. You can make sure the space is gorgeous by getting us to paint every wall in the color of your choice. We promise that everyone who walks in will smile at the sight!
Interior Painting

Interior Painting

People spend half the day at the office and the other half at home, and through the busy day, everyone likes to look at something pretty. That something can be a new piece of furniture, a nice pillow, or lovely walls with gorgeous colors!
Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting

Owning a property means keeping up with it, not just in terms of furniture and cleanliness but also the wholeness and beauty of the walls, floors, and every other surface. That means making sure your exterior walls are painted beautifully - get that from us!

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Client Testimonials

What they`re Saying About JMM Contractor`s Work

by Lilian Grimes on JMM Contractor
An Exceptional Painter, People!

When I called and explained my needs, I never thought that such an exceptional painter would come to work for me! Amazing work, and I dare say that all the walls inside and outside my home are simply gorgeous. The color is smooth and rich, and I am incredibly thankful for all the work and professionalism I received!

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Customer Feedbacks

Painting Contractor

Your Property Should Be Beautiful 

More often than not, people look upon their walls and realize the color they had applied so long ago has lost its luster and is not doing their property justice. Or they look around and start noticing cracks and breaks in the drywall, which they then start wondering how to fix – if there’s any way. Well, there is, and it’s more simple than most people think. You don’t have to get versed in drywall or painting to get everything done right – you just have to call an expert painting contractor from the area!

We Can Do Wonders With Your Walls

We never promise anything lightly – we only make a promise when we know we have the tools and qualities to uphold it. That’s how we’ve been keeping our business afloat, making people excited to hire us and see how beautifully we work. The skills we’ve honed over the years have turned us all into exceptional painters and drywall contractors, so we only see it as fair to offer those qualities to our customers. We will keep our promise and make every wall on your property whole and gorgeous!

More Areas We Serve

We wanted to do what we could to make people’s properties beautiful with our skills and a keen eye for beauty, and one way we could think of to do that was to spread to yet another area and advertise our services to more people. Service providers need to keep their priorities straight. Our biggest one was to make more people smile with perfect drywall and gorgeous colors – to offer them the chance to work with an incredible painter from the company!

Chittenango, NY

Call JMM Contractor to get our stunning complete painting and drywall service! We would like to be the experts who will repair your drywall and make it impeccable, and we also want to be the ones who paint every inch of every wall gorgeous with the loveliest colors! If you live in and around the Syracuse, NY and have drywall that needs some professional patching or surfaces that need some brightening up with fresh, elegant colors Рcall us as soon as possible so we can be available when convenient for you!

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