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Facts and Tips From a Professional Painter

Fun Facts You Should Know About House Painting  

Before you hire a professional painter, doing some research is key to being a responsible homeowner. This is why we at JMM Contractor are looking into some of the different factors that homeowners must know about paint before choosing a professional to work on their homes.

Your Home May Still Have Lead Paint

By now, everyone knows that lead is toxic. If ingested in any way, be it through the mouth or breathing in fumes, it can result in brain damage and other health issues. Today, interior and exterior paints do not contain lead; this is because the government banned them in 1978. However, most homes built prior to this still have lead paint somewhere in them. How many homes does that equal? Approximately 57 million.

So you need to practice caution with regard to lead paint when your home is older. Replacing lead paint with non-toxic paint not only makes your home safer and healthier to live in but can change its overall value. If you are unable to remove the paint, there is the option of wiping down your surfaces on a regular basis and mopping and dusting to prevent the inhalation of the lead dust.

A Red Door Has Meaning

Over the years, red doors have had multiple different meanings, and it has become a highly symbolic part of exterior painting. During the pioneer era, a red door was symbolic of a house being a safe haven for people to stop in their travels. Many people traveled constantly throughout the pioneer era, and seeing a red door let people know they had somewhere safe to sleep for the night. In the Civil War era, slaves running away would see a red door and know it meant they were a safe resting place.

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